Portland Dive Bars Passport Vol 1 and Vol 2

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The Portland Dive Bars Passport is a fun series of collectible books to guide and memorialize your dive bar adventures in Portland, Oregon! Home to some of the best dive bars in the world, as documented by the locals who bring you PortlandDiveBars.com. Go ahead, follow our lead, check out the seedier side of life. It’s fun!



Currently there are two volumes of the Portland Dive Bars Passport and they both can be purchased here  https://www.amazon.com/Portland-Dive-Bars-Passports/dp/B0CLLB1148/


Portland Dive Bars Passport Vol 1

Ever wanted to get a glimpse of the seedier side of Portland, Oregon but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are a seasoned dive bar aficionado with a yen to systematically check off the bounty of bars our fair city offers.

Either way, Portland Dive Bars Passport is for you! 16 bars thoughtfully organized for easy consumption. Read our thoughts, make a visit, and then record your own analysis in this handy dandy keepsake passport brought to you by the folks behind PortlandDiveBars.com. What are you waiting for? It’s only 8 bucks, get your copy now and start dive bar-in’ today!


Purchase Portland Dive Bars Passport Vol 1  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CH2D1DNB


Portland Dive Bars Passport Vol 2

Portland Dive Bars Passport Vol 2

So you think you know Portland dive bars, huh? Well, have you been to these yet?

Brought to you by the same local folks responsible for Portland Dive Bars Passport Volume 1 and PortlandDiveBars.com, an additional 16 lovingly curated stops for those who love dives.

We are taking it up a notch in Volume 2 with some lesser-known spots mixed in with the old faithful locations we would be remiss for excluding. This is dive Bar 201 for those who need schoolin’.

Even if you’re not a local (we forgive you), this is a fun, quirky tour of Portland, Oregon. Buddy up with some friends, grab your Portland Dive Bar Passports and get out there for some dive bar fun!


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Portland Dive Bars

Portland Dive Bars

The Portland Dive Bar Passport is brought to you by the good people behind Portland Dive Bars which is a passion project that celebrates and highlights the great dive bars we have here in Portland, Oregon.

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More Info About Portland Dive Bars

The Portland Dive Bars Project co-conspirators are Portland Author KC Shomler AKA “kc is me” AKA Diana Prince, Portland Author Steven Shomler, and Portland Author Arthur Breur.

Eventually this project will be a book, until then, look for Steven and KC to publish articles here on this website about the Portland dive bars they visit!

To learn the enchanting story how the Portland Dive Bars project came about see this article here:

Inspired By Her – https://www.portlanddivebars.com/inspired-by-her/


KC Shomler Portland Dive Bars

KC Shomler

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Falling Out Of Love With My Career

Falling Out Of Love With My Career

If you like KC’s writing for Portland Dive Bars you might want to check out her first book – Falling Out Of Love With My Career.

From www.GetThePinkBook.com:

“You’re not broken for falling out of love with your career. In fact, falling out of love with your career might be the most honest and self-affirming thing you ever do for yourself.

KC takes you along for her roller coaster ride leaving a 25-year career in healthcare. With a believable emphasis on self-compassion, she lays bare her own story in a uniquely thought-provoking way.

Her unflinching self-analysis leads us to ask ourselves: what stories have we created about our own happiness and fulfillment in life? How can we make big changes without giving in to our fears and ruminations?

What noble excuses hold us back from evolving in our lives? What are our darker feelings trying to tell us and how might they help us to grow?

This book is part memoir, part mindfulness guide, all laced with comedy, drama and insightful bits of wisdom that are hard to forget or ignore. Falling Out of Love with My Career provides commiseration and inspiration for anyone going through or considering any variety of major life change.

For more info go to www.GetThePinkBook.com 

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Steven Shomler Portland Dive Bars


Steven Shomler

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Arthur Breur Portland Dive Bars

Arthur Breur 

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Portland Dive Bars Passport Vol 1 and Vol 2